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18" x 24" Mixed media, traditional painting - watercolor and pastel/charcoal

As I mentioned in previous posts, I’ve been trying to keep busy creating new works of art in order to help pay off some bills. I’m also taking a painting class this semester, which is proving to be both time consuming in my already full schedule…and extremely rewarding.

So far, I’ve completed this original piece, which I have for sale:

17.5″ x 23.5″, mixed media – email me at for inquiries

I know original art might not be in the budget for some people, though, so I’m also going to be offering prints and notecards of this piece as well. I’ll update you all once I have the details ironed out.

If you follow Because Pony on social media, you might’ve seen that I had a brief opening for commissions, and all five spots sold within a day – that’s a cool milestone for my business, and one I hope to beat in the future! If you missed your chance to grab a spot this time around, I’m aiming to open commissions up again by April 1st. Keep a close eye on Facebook and Instagram.

In between commissions and homework art, I’ve finally started making some sort of headway on my book. After being stuck for quite some time with just the basics finished (thumbnails, rough draft, and a few doodles), I realized I wasn’t going to get the look I wanted without putting in the effort toward finding some beautiful reference photos for my backgrounds. I don’t want my book to look like a cutesy children’s storybook – I want it to have depth, color, and richness. I want the reader to feel as though he/she is looking at stills from a quality, animated feature film.

To that end, I spent a few hours pouring through all of my personal photos and then went through websites that have license-free photos available until I had everything I wanted. It was exactly the push I needed.

After approximately 10 hours of work in total (about 6 of which were in one day), I completed a full, two-page spread for one of the scenes in my book. Yeah…that’s 10 hours for one piece of art that spans two pages. Ten. Hours. For. One. Piece.

I tend to work fairly quickly once I get going, so that’s a LOT of time for me. And it was absolutely, 100% worth it. I have never created anything so detailed – especially digitally. It’s exactly what I wanted to accomplish, and I think it sets the standard and tone for the rest of the book.

But, after all that…I can’t show it to you. Trust me, I’m disappointed, too! I’m really proud of it, and I can’t share it!

You’ll have to wait until the whole book is done to see the finished piece. I don’t want to spoil it.

In the meantime, I can leave you with a sneak peek:

Just a small portion of the finished piece 🙂


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