Avery Facts

Happy Avery CartoonHis Story

In 2011, after being a huge Corgi fan since I was about 9 years old, I finally decided it was time for me to get one of my own. Just before Thanksgiving that year, I found Avery on Petfinder.com and went to visit him. When he trotted happily out of his crate and came straight to me for love and attention, a big smile on his face – that was it. He was going through heartworm treatments at the time, and still had to be neutured, so I had to wait a month before bringing him home. Talk about a looooong 30 days…

I had mentally prepared myself for a potentially challenging transition into dog ownership – what with training, etc – but it turned out that Avery already had basic manners (or he’s a genius, which is a distinct possibility). It sometimes makes me wonder why he ended up wandering the streets without a family – and then I remember that if he hadn’t, I never would have stumbled upon this adorable ball of snuggliness.

He takes his job seriously.

As Chief Safety Inspector at the barn, Avery keeps Crumble and the other horses in line. Honestly, he also keeps ME in line. In Avery’s world, horses should have the following rules, at minimum:

  1. They should never be let out of stalls.
  2. If they do go out of stalls, they should stay on cross-ties.
  3. If they leave cross-ties or are outside, they should either a) stand still or b) only walk.
  4. They should never be ridden. Especially by Mom.
  5. When being lunged, they should only walk. If they trot, they get a warning (i.e. growled at). If they canter, they get sternly reprimanded (i.e. barked at).

When he’s not in the barn, he can be found sleeping or eating – er, well, you probably won’t find him eating if you blink. Food is too important to be eaten slowly. You WILL often find him doing cute things, like existing. Or, this:

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