Emilie and Crumble

Hi – I’m Emilie! I’m so excited you’ve found your way to Because Pony. I’m assuming you’ve come to this page to learn a little bit about me (despite the fact that I’m not nearly as cool as my animals). But anyway…

You should know that there are three things in life I’ve always known I loved:

  1. Horses (if you want to get technical, I love ponies and Haflingers specifically…but all horses in general)
  2. Art
  3. Corgis 
I’ve been trying for years to combine these things into something spectacular. Back in 2007, I chose to move from my home state of Washington in order to transfer to a school in Lexington, Kentucky, to pursue a Bachelor of Arts in Equitation Instruction. When I graduated in 2009, I started training Haflingers professionally at Deer Haven Farm. At last, in December of 2011, I got my first horse (a Haflinger!), who I call Crumble, and my first dog (a Corgi!), named Avery.

And thus began my blog, A Blond, Brunette, and a Redhead.

Through a crazy mix of wonderful, heartbreaking, and just plain normal life events, I have had the chance to live in Wisconsin, Florida, and now Vermont. In Florida, I had the amazing opportunity to immerse myself as a working student in the heart of Wellington. It was during that winter when I started to realize I should maybe listen to all those people over the years who repeatedly told me to DO ALL THE ART – which led me to the first phase of Because Pony.

Now, I want to take what I’ve learned, mix it all together, and use it to help me reach my goals; and, in turn, I hope to inspire YOU.


In Memory


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