Good Boy.

Today marks six years since Rachel died, and my heart hurts a little bit extra, because it’s been about two weeks since I said goodbye to my little dog. Although I wrote a social media post that evening, I knew I would eventually come to this space at some point, in order to help process… Continue reading Good Boy.

A Late Goodbye to 2017

It’s February 6th and I’m just now, finally, starting to find my blog mojo again. That’s not to say that 2017 was a terrible year – in fact, I’m actually going to say that 2017 was one of my best years. To me, it’s the first year since 2013 that I’ve really been able to… Continue reading A Late Goodbye to 2017

Update on Avery

First of all, THANK YOU all for your support and encouragement after my last post. I received several orders and am working diligently to get your cartoons to you. Today is the last day of the sale, so if you’ve been planning to order and haven’t yet, get that order in! Since we last talked,… Continue reading Update on Avery

The Making of a Character

Like so many people, I’ve had book ideas floating around in my head from a very young age. When I was little, I used to write and illustrate short stories all the time – often featuring my pet mice (yes, I had mice…and gerbils…I couldn’t afford a pony so I had to make do. Don’t… Continue reading The Making of a Character

Adventures with Avery

And now, for something a little different. I just finished a short video as my final project in the class I’m taking this semester, and wanted to share it with your guys. Feel free to pass it on – maybe Avery could go viral? 😉

Behind the Scenes

Here’s a little sneak peek behind the scenes – what it’s like to create digital art. For these pieces, I’m using a free trial of Paint Tool SAI, my handy dandy Huion H610Pro drawing tablet, and my trusty laptop.   What do you think? Would you be interested in a more in-depth post about digital… Continue reading Behind the Scenes

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Little Dog is Cute and He Knows It

If I had a list of criteria for evaluating potential animal additions to my family, it would go something like this: Level of adorableness General attitude of happiness Brains and talent Could I picture he/she curled up on my bed? (yes, Crumble does fit this description) Can I buy matching tack/saddle pads/leashes/collars/whatever for him/her?  So… Continue reading Little Dog is Cute and He Knows It

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