Horses. Art. Life.

Because Pony was born to inspire horse girls – and young horsewomen – to tackle the hard work it takes to saddle up and chase their dreams. From professional advice, to personal stories; to art tutorials and grooming tips, Because Pony wants to give you the tools you need to accomplish your goals as a creative equestrian. This is the place to find enthusiasm, positivity, ideas, and encouragement – a place to inspire and be inspired.

Why do we do it?

We do it because of those furry, four-legged friends of ours. We work hard because the barn is our refuge, our oasis, our escape. For some, it’s a career that never feels like a job, or the first place they run to after school – for others, it’s an all-consuming, life-giving hobby.

What if I’m not creative?

When we think of creatives, we aren’t just thinking of those who can pick up a pencil and draw. Nope – to us, creativity encompasses a range of activities, natural talents, and hard-earned skills. Not only are we artists, but we’re photographers, writers, bloggers, and craft makers. We’re those imaginative, determined young riders looking for ways to earn money for more lessons. We’re the YouTubers who love making videos with our equine partners and barn buddies. We’re the Instagramers who take pony selfies after every ride. We’re the horseless teens who are doodling on every available surface, dreaming of the day when they, too, can kiss that velvety nose and say, “This one’s mine”.

We are YOU.

So – What Inspires You Today?

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