HIIMR – Part Four: Fitness

While I was never really a “skinny” kid growing up, I didn’t really struggle with my weight, either. Until my teenage years and heading into college, that is. At that point, I started gaining weight and kinda just…kept gaining. I was riding a couple of times each week, and cleaning stalls 2-3 times per week.… Continue reading HIIMR – Part Four: Fitness

Haflingers 101: Fitness and Fatness

Fitness and Fatness It’s time for Part 4 of my Haflingers 101 series! Previously, we discussed breed standards, history, and draft vs modern types – if you haven’t read those sections yet, I encourage you to do so in order to have the background info for┬áthis post. Ready? Okay! If you’ve been involved with Haflingers… Continue reading Haflingers 101: Fitness and Fatness

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