Behind the Scenes

Here’s a little sneak peek behind the scenes – what it’s like to create digital art. For these pieces, I’m using a free trial of Paint Tool SAI, my handy dandy Huion H610Pro drawing tablet, and my trusty laptop.   What do you think? Would you be interested in a more in-depth post about digital… Continue reading Behind the Scenes

Haflingers 101: FAQ

Now that we’ve talked about breed standards, history, types, and fitness, I think it’s time to wrap up with some Frequently Asked Questions about all things Haflinger! In addition to questions, you’ll find some common statements I see on social media, as well as some training tips and helpful hints.   Haflinger FAQ Why do… Continue reading Haflingers 101: FAQ

How I Found the Perfect Blanket

Finding the Perfect Blanket = Fit + Quality + $ Like many Haflingers, Crumble in his natural state really doesn’t need a blanket. He grew up living outside 24/7, and grows a thick, healthy, winter coat. He’s not a wimp about weather, and (like me!) generally prefers to be cold rather than hot. However, Crumble is… Continue reading How I Found the Perfect Blanket

Haflingers 101: Fitness and Fatness

Fitness and Fatness It’s time for Part 4 of my Haflingers 101 series! Previously, we discussed breed standards, history, and draft vs modern types – if you haven’t read those sections yet, I encourage you to do so in order to have the background info for this post. Ready? Okay! If you’ve been involved with Haflingers… Continue reading Haflingers 101: Fitness and Fatness

Haflingers 101: Draft vs Modern

Previously, we discussed the breed standards and the history of the Haflinger – what makes a breeding quality Haflinger, what the breed was intended for, and how it all began. If you haven’t read those posts yet, I recommend taking a look to give yourself a little background before reading this post. Today, I’d like… Continue reading Haflingers 101: Draft vs Modern

Haflingers 101: Breed History

Haflingers 101: History A long time ago, I thought that Haflingers were classified as draft ponies, and maybe were related to Belgians or some other draft breed, somehow. And I wasn’t alone – it’s a common misconception. More often than not, if you talk to the general horse-public about Haflinger history, they have no clue… Continue reading Haflingers 101: Breed History

Haflingers 101: Introduction and Breed Standards

Haflingers 101: Intro & Breed Standards There are so many misconceptions about what Haflingers are, what they should look like, what they can do, etc – and as we all (should) know, there is a lot of incorrect info floating around on the internet. In hopes of helping to clear a few things up, I’ll… Continue reading Haflingers 101: Introduction and Breed Standards

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