Goodbye, HM

*I posted this on Facebook and Instagram in early June, but thought it was also important to share here. On the afternoon of March 31st, heaven rolled out the red carpet and set out a velvet cushion and a silver platter of peppermints for Her Majesty, Hochmut – the most perfect “chestnut mare in a… Continue reading Goodbye, HM

Time to Step Up

What a stellar week for the Most Perfect Mare! We’ve done a lot of good work since we arrived, but this week I really felt like her brain has truly settled into the routine. Mentally, she feels like she did during the last month or so in Vermont – we had “clicked”. We are working… Continue reading Time to Step Up

Throw Your Heart Over First

As I mentioned in my last post, my plans for this week included lunging before the first ride of the week (if not more often, especially when the weather was “chilly”), raising the bar when it comes to HM’s response to my leg, and if the trot isn’t good enough at first, go straight to… Continue reading Throw Your Heart Over First

Can’t Have Progress Without Persistence

I’ve been here in Welly World for a month and a few days – time has flown, yet I feel like we’ve already packed so much into these past few weeks. In Vermont, it can be a bit of a trek to get anywhere. While I love being away from the craziness of city life… Continue reading Can’t Have Progress Without Persistence

A Few Weeks In

The group of horses last to arrive here in FL are now up to full work after slowly being brought back into the schedule following their travel. That means HM and I hit the “full work” mark a few days ago. After lunging her for a handful of days, then lunging before riding for another… Continue reading A Few Weeks In

Mare Time

We Made It Sunday night was the two week mark for my arrival in Florida for the season, and to say I’ve been going nonstop is an understatement. Avery, of course, has joined me, and it makes me smile to see how much he’s improved since being here. He has been able to help in… Continue reading Mare Time

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